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Missionary of the MonthTravis Lewis Family


The Travis Lewis Family  Missionaries to Cebu City, Philippines

Take a few minutes each day to pray for the needs of  Travis Lewis and family.  Lighthouse Bible College in it's first year, and planning for the annual a Independent Baptist Youth Camp and more laborers to help them in the Philippines.

Sunday: Relationship with GOD

  • Personal growth in the Word of GOD
  • Effective prayer life
  • Sensitivity and  empowerment by the Holy Spirit

Monday:  Physical and Emotional life

  • Good health
  • Protection from disease
  • Protection from hostile governments and religions
  • Safety while traveling on planes, subways, buses, trams, trains, bicycles, taxis, animals and on foot.

Tuesday:  Family Life

  • Marriage that glorifies GOD and a good testimony
  • Children's education
  • Wisdom for raising and training children
  • Strength for children, especially teenage children, to withstand the world's temptations.

Wednesday:  Ability to Communicate

  • Success in learning the native language
  • Ability to communicate GOD's Word with clarity

Thursday:  Ministry

  • Boldness to witness
  • Open doors in schools, orphanages, prisons, etc...
  • Wisdom in preaching and teaching
  • Receptive hearts
  • Fruit that will remain

Friday:  Need for Fellow Workers

  • People to get their hearts stirred for service
  • Christians to surrender to GOD's call on their lives
  • More people to come to the mission field to help

Saturday:  Country of Service

  • Stability in the political realm so we can remain in the country
  • Leadership of the country to allow freedom in the distribution of the gospel
  • People to have eyes opened to the deception of false religions
  • Protection from natural disasters

I am come a light into the world that whosoever believeth on me shall not abide in darkness.      John 12:46







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