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Easy Cleaning Plan

Here is how we tackle keeping our home clean and presentable (not perfect).  There are daily and weekly happy home cleaning basics that just keep the house organized and presentable.  And then, we pick one area of the home that gets a more thorough cleaning each week.  The house is divided up into areas to be deep cleaned each week of the month.  Before the month is over, every area has had it's turn.  And you do kind of feel, ah this is nice, when it's all done.  Also for that special area for the week, tackle a not-so-obvious spot to clean every day.  These spots can become real obvious if totally neglected.  Just a few minutes a day through the week and the detailed cleaning is done.  And without interruptions, the basics take about an hour and that can be tackled all at once or just a few minutes a day.    Having a plan helps everything run more smoothly when life gets extra busy.  If something unusual happens (vacation, sickness, etc..) don't play catch-up, just jump right back on schedule.  Staying on track, keeps the infrequent skips of detailed cleaning unnoticeable. 

 Daily Cleaning Lists  

  • Daily Quick Clean
    • A few minutes per day, here and there.
  • Clean Home Basics
    • Takes a few minutes per day, or about an hour on one day. A happy home is also a clean and organized home.

Weekly Cleaning Lists:  Takes just a few minutes per day through the week, or a little over an hour if you would rather just set the time aside and get it all done at once.



This Week:

Kitchen & Laundry Detailed Cleaning List

Kitchen & Laundry Hot Spot Cleaning List

Kitchen & Laundry Organizer