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Brighten the corner where you  are by taking a few minutes to stop what you are doing to greet your family with a smile as they arrive home.  For more ideas visit the Hospitality Corner.

 Garden Calendar   Garden Planning and Design Tip:  Sunny gardens with daisies, zinnias, Rudbeckia, black eyed Susan,  and Echinacea add beauty and appeal.  Their vibrant colors and long lasting blooms are ideal for fresh bouquets to bring nature inside.

Walking Program   What a beautiful time of year to be outdoors.  Longer daylight hours make it easier to walk outdoors. Remember the reason for your fitness goals of  having health and strength to live our lives for the glory of GOD.   As the saying goes we are not to live to eat but eat to live, applies to exercise as well.  We are not to live to exercise but exercise to live.  The benefits of staying active are so important as we get older.  Keeping everything moving combats all kinds of disease.  Lace-up and out we go:)  Start with just 15 minutes a day and increase from there.  Remember to use good walking shoes and stay hydrated.   Your body needs the water to nourish muscles and organs. 


Easy Cleaning Plan  Things To Do List

Keep your home happy, clean, and blessed with just a little time each day:

This Week:

Kitchen & Laundry Detailed Cleaning List

Kitchen & Laundry Hot Spot Cleaning List

Kitchen & Laundry Organizer

Cleaning GlovesHome Remedies for Cleaning

Tip:  Always use gloves when cleaning even with natural cleaners.  Apply a generous portion of hand cream first and you will be softening hands and cuticles at the same time your housework is getting done.