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12 Week

Walking Program

Let us set aside the weight and inches that so easily beset us and drains our energy!

Fruits & VegegtablesJune Health Habit: Eat 6+ fruits and vegetables every day.  This has been recently increased from the 5+ recommendation by most healthcare professionals.  And as a cancer survivor, reading articles from other cancer survivors, they have thrived on 9.  Of course that does not mean that we laden them with sugar and saturated fats.  So, don't eat the whole pie to up your daily fruit intake.  Then there is the whole discussion of organic versus non organic.  Organic is best, but do what your budget can handle.  Buy from local farmers, start a garden yourself, and buy organic if possible for those fruits and vegetables most likely to have absorbed harmful chemicals.  Many websites list the dirty dozen and now even 15.    In either case wash well before eating.  And if I am using non-organic, peeling the waxy skin off is recommended.   It is a challenge to get this much fruit and vegetables in each day unless some planning is done ahead of time.  I've tried to incorporate a fresh salad with lunches and dinners.  Fruits with breakfast, like apple in oatmeal or fresh veggies in scrambled eggs.  Of course having fruits and veggies around for snacking throughout day helps to.  Simple things like adding veggies to pasta have helped it all to add up.  As someone who has been  prone to skipping  meals and then grabbing the convenient processed snacks that may even advertise themselves as healthy, this has been a continuing challenge for me.  But I am continually reminded that GOD gives us this day our daily bread(food) and although we are not to live to eat each day, we are to eat to live:  eat the food HE has provided each day to take care of the body given to us.  And it all starts with being genuinely thankful for how GOD daily loads us with benefits.

Begin by recording your weight, measurements, and body mass index.  Click Stats for a form that can be used for this, with helpful charts at the bottom to see where you are at.  We will also record statistics at the end of weeks four, eight, and twelve.  This program starts out easy then quickly accelerates to a faster pace and frequency.  Remember these are just helpful guidelines.  Please consult your physician for what is right for you.

Ground Rules

  • Wear good walking shoes.   Read about Which shoes are best for walking.
  • Before jumping right into a walking routing read about How to Walk.
  • Drink  at least 8 ounces of water before, during, and after walking to keep your muscles hydrated.
  • Weigh at the beginning of each week, and record a + or - pounds. 
  • Walk alone, with a friend, as a group, with your kids;  just remember to keep up the pace for the assigned time and then slow down.
  • Walk outside (the days are getting longer and the temperatures warmer) or inside on a treadmill, with a walking video, it all counts.
  • Cool down your muscles with stretching exercises after walking.
  • No excuses and no whining, if you messed up, just jump back in.