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Tick Rock Woodworks

Pa and Ma's Tick Rock Farm joins us out back with their house just over the way on the next ridge.  Most days finds Pa enjoying one of his favorite pastimes crafting something out in the woodshop.  Cedar, walnut, oak, hedge, maple, and hickory all grow in abundance right here on the Tick Rock. Select trees are hand picked, rough cut, sealed, and bagged to cure slowly, the old fashioned way, ensuring a lasting product with a beautiful grain.  Each item is handcrafted and initialed authentic by Pa himself with satisfaction guaranteed. 

Bowls, candlestick holders, platters, wood handled grill sets, game calls, kaleidoscopes, ... and most anything for every member of the family. 

View Tick Rock Woodworks Gallery for individual photos and prices. Contact us for more information, ordering, and availability.


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